Amateur Radio via the Moon (Inbjudan från SK0CT)

Inlagt av Thomas -KBD

Nu på söndag den 11 februari bjuder SK0CT in till följande arrangemang på Kvarnberget!

Amateur radio via the MOON. Please join this experience!

This Sunday 2024-02-11 the Radio Club at Ericsson (SK0CT) will use the moon as reflector to make contacts with other radio amateurs. We transmit at 1296 MHz and point our very big parabolic antenna to the moon. We will talk to radio amateurs (that have equally very big parabolic antennas) in other countries. 
It takes the radio signals about 2.5 seconds to travel to the moon and back, so we will also hear the echo of own after 2.5 seconds.

Communication via the moon is called "Moon Bounce" or EME (earth-moon-earth). The signals coming back from the moon are extremely weak, so voice communication is normally impossible EME. Instead the old morse code, or modern digital communications are used. But once a year radio amateurs with the biggest antennas use voice communication for fun.

All visitors are welcome from 11:00 CET to 18:30 CET. To find the location use Google maps and search for "Kvarnberget Vallentuna".

For any questions, directions or a lift, please call Lasse (SM0KAK) 0725-838626

The road up to the radio station is very icy. We cannot recommend driving to the top. Leave the car at the bottom of the hill and walk (about 300m) up. Best is to wear shoes with metal studs, or use ice cleats